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All tracks written, recorded, mixed, mastered and performed by Eric on an old Roland 16-track.
Steal these songs and send them everywhere.
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your star

Crybaby (2012)
Half-Vast Records

SC: Part retro, part sketchbook, part crystal clear desolation after all is lost. Mr. Eric opens the album with a sledgehammer of southwestern strings that remove any doubt as to how the story will end. But guess what? Along the way, we finally get some fun moments from the king of complaining. And they're surprisingly natural. The Tex-Mex flair that first appeared (in awkwards fits) on 2003's The Way It's Going To Be is finally mature, and overall the songs are shorter (though more spacious) than on 2010's  Eden's Light. But when "Chihuahua" slowly opens the curtain for the final act, make sure you're sitting. You're in for a ride where you might not want to go. But if you listen to Mr. Eric, we assume this is why.

ES: Last June, while a friend and I were writing and recording a song a day just to torture ourselves, I noticed something was wrong with my voice. So I made a new album in case my voice might be gone for a while. I started tracking in late July and it was finished in November. I'd always wanted to make an album named "Crybaby" because it seemed pretty.

1. Spanish Verse
2. Crybaby
3. Iron Eave
4. Gretchen Borders
5. Calvillo's Buffet (The Ballad of Ricky and Vicky)
6. Let Side Two Roll, Baby!
7. Honey I
8. Tiny Bubbles
9. Satellite
10. Radiowaving
11. Songwriting is the Cheapest Thing
12. Chihuahua

eden's light
Eden's Light (2010)
Half-Vast Records - Dutchmen Worldwide

SC: Mr. Eric considers this his first real album. It's his first to be duplicated since 2001, and it's the album he planned to make when he moved to the San Luis Valley (before the unplanned making of a movie took up three years). A few songs from previous albums were re-recorded and included.  I doubted, but it's cohesive. It's also amazing, with infinite detail but nothing wasted. Eden's Light is scary good. 'You Don't Know Me At All' is one of the best songs and performances I've ever heard.

ES: Thank you Sophie for your approval. Since when are you okay with leaving off 'Actual Size?' Next time. Trust me on this.

"A great, great album."

- Jake Schroeder (KQMT Denver)
"Eden's Light is a revelation...
Eric Shiveley is a rare talent
 - Lex Krause (KRFC Ft. Collins)

"One of the best albums
I've heard in years."

- Bret Bertholf, Author
'The Long Gone Lonesome History of Country Music'

"Freaking fantastic...The guy's
fiercely talented."

- Dave Herrera, Westword

"The most amazing thing
I have heard in years."

- Aaron Miltenberger, KRZA Alamosa-Taos

1. Eden's Light

2. That's All I Need To Know
3. Celia
4. Summer Triangle
5. Last Time I Called You Baby
6. You Want It Straight, Hud?
7. Desde Alla
8. Baby (Can't Sleep)
9. Greetings From Deming Violin: Matthew Schildt
10. Red On Red
11. The Way It's Going To Be
12. Give Up
13. You Don't Know Me At All

el diablo
El Diablo (2005)
Half-Vast Records

SC: Eric's fourth full-length album, and his first where the production and vocals have caught up to the songwriting. After being left off its namesake album, 'The Way It's Going To Be' finally works with a walking bassline and Denise Lanay's beautiful, plaintive background vocal. This album is one of the best I've heard by an unsigned artist. El Diablo is inspired from a place I'd be afraid to visit alone. Somehow Eric did, dragging back with him this unsettling but beautiful account, every detail intact. It's unfathomable to me this album was never duplicated.

ES:  Recording the horn part in the middle of 'Hud' was an all-nighter. 'Hud' had 32 parts and I don't know how I ever finished this album. When it was done, it's like a veil was lifted and everything else I'd recorded sounded thin and amateurish. It was spooky because the weak sound of my previous albums should have been plain as day.

1. Celia

2. Actual Size
3. Radio El Diablo Signs On For The Evening
4. You Want It Straight, Hud?
5. Ain't It The Truth Guitar solo: Dan Paschke
6. I Could Be Wrong
7. Spangled
8. Red On Red
9. The Way It's Going To Be
10. Pretty Like A Spider Bass: Miles Marlin
11. Give Up
12. Renee


the way it's going to be
The Way It's Going To Be (2003)
Lawnmower Records

SC: This is where the western, trailer-dwelling theme in Eric's writing takes center stage, lyrically if not sonically. 'Baby (Can't Sleep)' was re-recorded for Eden's Light.

ES: In the middle of recording this album I went broke, so it was never duplicated and I had to master it myself. Glad I had to learn that. All these songs need to be re-recorded with punchier drums, more space and a vocal that doesn't try so hard.

"Best Local Albums of The Year:
    1. Eric Shiveley, The Way It's Going To Be
    2. Otis Taylor, Truth Is Not Fiction
    3. Dressy Bessy, Dressy Bessy
    4. Rose Hill Drive, Rose Hill Drive
    5. Motion For Alliance, 43rd St. Sessions Vol 1"
- Boulder Daily Camera

1. Baby (Can't Sleep)

2. Honey I
3. Come Inside
4. El Paso Ends
5. Desde Alla
6. Pulling Out The Stars
7. Azure
8. Direction Of The Drive-in
9. Diamondhead
10. Sweet Border Lie
11. Clearwater


desert airport
Desert Airport (2001)
Lawnmower Records

SC: The typical second album that stretches out, tries its range and wants to be anything the first album wasn't.

ES: Sophie why didn't you tell me you know what's going on? Some of these songs really miss, mainly because of weak drums, a vocal that needs to grow up, and lyrics that have dorky moments. But the songs that hit -- like 'Elko' and 'End Of Story,' if re-recorded, I think would be knockouts. When I was finishing this album I decided to do four albums before trying to get somewhere. I didn't realize how smart that would be, because I thought this album was the shit at the time.

"Best Local Album of The Year"
- Go Go magazine

1. Dead Still

2. How To Operate A Riding Mower
3. Today's The Day
4. First Thing Tomorrow
5. Hyper
6. Going Over
7. If We Take 13-A
8. Where's Benji?
9. The '57s
10. Making Elko
11. End Of Story 12-string solo: Scott Shiveley
12. Waiting At The Desert Airport
13. Saturn Vee

everything is good
Everything Is Good (2000)
Lawnmower Records

SC: Written and recorded on a 16-track, with no previous experience as a recording engineer, songwriter or singer. Everything Is Good shows someone who's doing this because he has to, and someone who is perhaps wounded but finally trying to stand.

ES: Production and vocals are embarrassing, but only two songs are embarrassing, which is a miracle. Same as 'Desert Airport,' I think several of the songs would be knockouts if  re-recorded. But I'm still very proud of this album. I was a kid who'd never written, sung or recorded and I did something no one thought I could.

"Shiveley never steps into a wrong note, never takes a wrong turn in his songwriting.
The the mix is near perfect. Easily the best of any Colorado album I've heard this year."

- Go-Go Magazine

1. How It Happened

2. Sweeter Than Before
3. Everyone But You
4. You'll Never Know
5. Hover
6. Can We Drive It Home?
7. Down
8. You Were Right
9. The Boy Who Couldn't Sit Still
10. When It Begins
11. In The Middle Of The Day
12. Go To Pieces Bass: Andy Harrington, Guitar: Christopher Smith, Mastered by David Glasser for Airshow Mastering

               Please visit and patronize our friends. All of these people do what they do for the right reasons. That's not as common as you'd think___________

Tequila Mockingbird
We first saw TQMB at Cricket On The Hill in Denver. At the chorus of "Shades" we wondered if anyone else in the room realized how good the writing and melody was. They were drunk and sloppy but the songs were SO good.  Now they're drunk and tight.
Andy Ard
Not even considering how good and natural his songs are, how he can do anything with his voice, or how effortlessly witty he is, the world needs more people like Andy Ard. He's as kind, forgiving and friendly as human beings get.
Russ Christiansen
The demos for Russ's first album with Three Miles West were so good we couldn't believe he'd just started writing. His songs can only be what happens when you've hit a tipping point, and some higher power gives you the tools to convey something bigger than you are. His songs are the real real thing.
Rael-San Fratello Architects
Ron Rael and wife Virginia San Fratello are the people who decided to dream big, go for it and not look back (and not give up after fifteen minutes). Very few people have walked in their shoes or professionally survived what they've endured.  But their path is the only way great things happen. And the only way things ever change.
Halden Wofford & the Hi*Beams
Halden Wofford has more talent and charisma in his little finger than the rest of us put together. And the Hi*Beams are as skilled as they are likeable. They have all the gears and know how to let it fly. They could play any festival, follow Emmylou Harris, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Willie Nelson or the Flaming Lips and have 20,000 new fans for life.
Jerry Popiel
While raising a family, keeping the entire Great Lakes region safe for water recreation, and coaching a high school basketball team, Jerry somehow carves out time to write and record albums, playing everything himself. But here's the deal, 'That Girl' is one of the best, most perfect songs we've ever heard. Jerry's songs stomp the crap out of almost everything you hear on the radio.
Victoria Woodworth
Victoria's voice and songs are too good. You don't expect life to be fair, but we can't imagine what the radio sounds like to Victoria. Surely, eventually one of her songs will be everywhere.
Denver Syntax
Sometimes the Editor or Talent Buyer is actually skilled and doesn't have an agenda besides doing something great. Wow. Don't take that for granted when you find it.
Indie Spirit Film Festival
Sometimes the Festival Directors actually know story and don't have an agenda besides doing something great. If you think that's easy to follow through on, try it.
Elizabeth Arthur
Have you ever been trapped on your island home far in the interior of the Canadian wilderness by a gun-wielding murder? Authors have all the luck.
Hollow Tree Literary Services
If you're gonna go for it, you'll need a connection. But what will your money get if his heart's not in it? And though you might not care at first, duh, shouldn't he be a bona fide expert of character and story?
Madison McCaulley
Maddie's paintings are cool and pretty, no pretentious explanation or refined perspective needed. Just how it should be. Her most recent pieces resemble aerial views of the round, irrigated farm fields of the San Luis Valley.

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